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Church of Light (Ibaraki Kasugaoka Kyokai Church) by Tadao Ando

It’s no secret that Ando is my most favored architect, if not a personal hero, for countless reasons. According to architectural zeitgeists and man-made -isms, he would most definitely fall under Modernism or Critical Regionalism, to be more precise but I believe that his style eludes categories. 

Light and space are two elements definitive of Ando’s palette and philosophical framework, most evident in the Church of Light; a small chapel situated in Ibaraki. This particular architecture is an exhibition of his mastery of coexistence, duality and restrain. Natural light, beyond human control, is easily manipulated with grace and poetic exactitude to delineate the boundaries of the physical and the invisible. Ando employs the void/darkness - the emptiness and nothingness of a space with light to bring in an ethereal kind of spatial perception and sublimity, which I never expected to experience in this lifetime without trying too hard.The concrete walls were full of grit but smooth as a lacquer-finished texture and minimal ornamentation can be observed, not that it needed any in the first place. The light coming out of the cruciform slit appears to be alive whenever the sun or an outside intervention within the periphery makes any movement.

The thought and design process behind this wasn’t that grand at all. In fact, this was just a simple play of extrusions and volume contrasts where one admits light inside a space and let it gradually recede, but Ando’s craft and precision is of its own inimitable caliber. He knows where and how things should fall into place in a very humble manner. His greatness never relied on the loud, the imposing but rather on the unobtrusive character of architecture. 

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